Saturday, September 17, 2011

TV Infomercials Are Here To Stay

Thanks to all of you who visit and read my blogs. Since 1992, my company InfoWorx has been innovating, straight talking, and making money for our clients.  DRTV can be tough, even brutal sometimes, but marketers with patience, an understanding of the dynamics of testing, tweaking and massaging somehow make their products successful.  Others come in underfunded, with unrealisitc expectations and a desire to reinvent DRTV - and they usually fail.

Today's topic is the old fashioned (since 1984) long form TV infomercial. A lot has happened since 1984, but these shows keep on keepin' on. Many marketers are fearful of producing a long form show because the budgets can get up there. (Check out InfoWorx affordable and award winning packages) I'm here to tell you today that those video assets are valuable. They are valuable for social media marketing, they are valuable for your web site, they are valuable for point of purchase and other corporate videos, and they are valuable for b-roll footage at home shopping networks like HSN and QVC.

Now I'm a guy who goes to the gym early in the morning during the week and the weekend.  My gym keeps CNBC, E! and several local channels on, along with CNN and ESPN. You know what?  I see Long Form TV Infomercials every day at 630A or 7A while I'm on the eliptical - just like millions of others. Long form TV Infomercial are everywhere. They are airing on your local network affiliate on Sunday afternoons, Satyurday evenings and most every day during late fringe. Remember this - if they are airing they are working!

Conventional wisdom is that short form works on low cost products and long form works on high cost products.  That's conventional, 1980's wisdom.  Here are the facts:  We live in a multi channel world of communications and media. We get our messages from TV, Radio, Internet, Print, Social Media, etc. With a Long Form TV Infomercial you already have all of the video assets necessary for every application and media distribution. Your messaging can be more complex, better explained, and more fully demonstrated with the long format.  Before you box yourself in, consider creating a long form show that can be used in short form, online video, and all of the channels we already discussed.

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